VNX 2 Series: Best Solution to Remove Unverified Systems

VNX Storage arrays can be added to a domain for centralization logging and management for multiple storage arrays. Also, Unisphere Central can be added to a VNX domain.

Sometimes, storage administrator makes mistake about adding or removing storage arrays from domain. As an example, administrator has to remove a VNX for send to repairing but forget removing storage array from domain. Another example, when there is multiple domains with multiple range of IP addresses, may be administrator add array to domain wrongly and after that, change IP and add to another domain.

In these situations, domains will contain some systems as unverified system, the unverified systems should verify again and otherwise should be removed.

VNX Domain - Unverified Systems
VNX Domain – Unverified Systems

How to Remove unverified Systems from VNX Domain?

Remove unverified system is impossible via Unisphere but it’s so easy via CLI. In order to delete an unverified system from domain, the below commands should be run:

naviseccli -h {Domain Master IP} domain -remove {Unverified System IP}

Replace “{Unverified System IP}” and “{Domain Master IP}” with proper IP addresses.

After run the above commands, the following message will appears:

WARNING: You are about to remove following node from the domain: {Unverified System IP}

Once it is no longer in this domain, its security features are completely disabled. You MUST initialize security to put the system in its own domain!

If you remove it from the domain, the software will log you out of the session. Removing a system from the domain will erase/invalidate all domain user accounts on the system. If you are removing a block storage system, Event monitor template definitions and portal management information will also be lost. Are you sure you want to remove the system from the domain?(y/n)

If result was successful, logout and re-login to Unisphere. Unverified system is gone.

VNX Domain – Unverified Systems – Resolved

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