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vSphere 8 Update 2: Boosts Performance and Reduced Downtime

VMware vSphere 8 Update 2 is now available, and it’s packed with new features and enhancements that will help organizations supercharge the performance of their demanding workloads and enhance the operational efficiencies of their IT teams.

This latest update introduces advanced workload management capabilities, allowing organizations to intelligently allocate resources and prioritize critical workloads based on business needs. Additionally, vSphere 8 Update 2 introduces enhanced security features, including enhanced encryption and improved access controls, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and mitigating potential threats.


New Release – STOR2RRD & LPAR2RRD (7.50)

I’ve published many articles about STOR2RRD and LPAR2RRD monitoring software for monitoring servers, OS, storage, SAN, LAN and other devices. XORUX has released new version of the monitoring suites with new features and capabilities. Let’s review the new features, capabilities and changes.