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EMC has released new Unity OE for Unity family. The new Unity OE contains some new features for Notifications and alerts, Security, Serviceability, Storage – File, System Management, Unisphere CLI and Unisphere UI.

Also same as other releases, this release resolved issues and improves storage array stability.

The New Features in Unity OE

This release is MI type of Unity OE. That means, this release of Unity OE comes with some new features and fix and this is a minor release.

Unity OE

Notifications and alerts

An alert has been provided through Unisphere so that a user can identify an issue with blocked threads: Allows you to identify an issue with blocked threads that would impact performance on the array. This gives you time to identify and correct the issue before the impact of blocked threads to system operation grows.


New password complexity requirement has been implemented: Password length for Unisphere users has been increased to support a 64-
character length alphanumeric in compliance with the latest US federal requirement OMB M-22-09. The password requirement is:

  • 8 to 64 characters in length
  • Contains at least one upper case letter
  • Contains at least one lower case letter
  • Contains at least one numeric

Special characters are not required in the password.

FIPS/STIG hardening for re-certification to the APL with SLES15SP0: Unity APL expires in March 2024. FIPS/STIG re-certification of Unity with SLES15 SP0 ensures that Unity continues to remain on the APL and is available for US Federal customers.

Disable SMB2 at the NAS server level: This option enables you to disable SMB2 at the NAS level by using the svc_nas service command. This protects your system from known vulnerabilities associated with the SMB2 protocol.


The RSC (Remote Secure Credentials) option in Unisphere does not appear when remote connectivity and RSC is already enabled: Users cannot disable RSC option in Unisphere once remote connectivity and RSC has been enabled.

Enable user-selected file transfer using the Managed File Transfer (MFT) transport channel: A new option is provided to transfer user selected files back to Dell using the Managed File Transfer (MFT) transport channel, which is one of the SupportAssist (on physical Unity) or ESRS (on UnityVSA) functionalities. Users can directly send the specified file, either a service Information file or core dump, back to Dell if SupportAssist or ESRS, whichever is applicable, is enabled. This will improve support efficiency.

Critical alert is provided that directs users to change the sender email address from a Unity system to match that of the user’s company email domain: Helps ensure that users update the sender email address to their company domain so that the user receives Dell support and Dell receives the user’s data properly.

Storage – File

Restrict SMB exports: You can configure host access to SMB shares, setting access to either Read/Write to allow the host to access the share or No Access to prevent a host from accessing an SMB share.

System Management

Set the NTP stratum higher: The NTP orphan rank can be set to the highest support stratum, allowing you to set the stratum without service intervention.

Quickly restart uDoctor and Apache: New service command options enable you to restart uDoctor and Apache without root access.

Unisphere CLI

Adds and remove hosts: Using the command line interface, you can add hosts and remove hosts from LUNs, LUN groups, VMFS datastores, vVols, and file systems.

Unisphere UI

Sort datastores by the SP owner: Enables you to see a list of SP owners on the DataStores tab. You can also sort datastores and other VMware resources by clicking the SP Owner column.

Drive Firmware in Unity OE

Drive firmware version 21 is included in the 5.4 software OE bundle and can be installed at the end of the Software Upgrade wizard. For more information on the impacted drives and models for this firmware, see Knowledgebase article 000021322.

Resolved Issues in Unity OE

This release includes more than resolved issues. that you can find the details in release note document:

Dell Unity OE Release Notes

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