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MicroCeph Architecture 0

MicroCeph: Big Data, Tiny Setup. Where Simplicity Scales Your Storage to the Stars

The open-source software defined storage (SDS) colossus, Ceph, has long been praised for its versatility, scalability, and strong feature set. But creating and maintaining a Ceph cluster, especially for small-scale deployments, may be a difficult undertaking best left to storage experts and experienced system administrators. Introducing MicroCeph, an opinionated and streamlined implementation of Ceph that seeks to enable everyone to use this potent storage solution.

Imagine being able to effortlessly manage a fully functional Ceph cluster with only a few finger snaps. That is MicroCeph’s magic. It uses Snaps, a safe and independent Linux packaging standard, to provide a pre-setup, pre-optimized Ceph experience. Forget about laborious orchestration, complicated daemons, and manual configuration; MicroCeph handles everything, from deployment to continuing management.

Storage Spaces Direct 2

Storage Spaces Direct is a scalable and cost-effective storage solution for VMware vSphere environments

A cluster of Windows Server nodes can use the software-defined storage (SDS) solution Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) to pool their local storage drives into a single, highly available storage pool. The creation and management of virtual discs (VDisks) with different sizes and performance characteristics may then be done using this storage pool. The Datacenter and Standard editions of Windows Server 2022, 2019 and 2016 come with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).