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Oracle Linux Automation Manager: Supercharge Your IT with Intelligent Automation

Spreading infrastructure and constantly shifting needs in today’s IT environment may easily convert system administration into a wild beast. Manual setups become laborious and prone to errors, which impedes creativity and agility. This is where automation becomes useful, providing your IT environment with a potent tool to tame the beast and restore order.

Let me introduce you to Oracle Linux Automation Manager (OLAM), a powerful tool that makes infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and deployment procedures much easier. Based on the open-source giants Ansible and AWX, OLAM provides a centralized web interface for effective management and visibility into your IT environment.

Oracle Linux Manager 1

Oracle Linux Manager 2.x, Free Linux Management

I am really fan of what is doing Oracle for Oracle Linux and offering open-source solutions with free update. Oracle Linux Manager is one of free and open-source solutions that Oracle provides for Oracle Linux by developing new enterprise solution from open-source solutions.

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HPE OneView Global Dashboard: Best Software for Global Monitoring

HPE is on of biggest companies which producing data center equipment’s and facilities. HPE has unified management and monitoring suite for server hardware, network devices and storage devices that called HPE OneView. You may have multiple data center at different geographical location and needs to monitoring all devices on same dashboard. Because HPE OneView needs access to any under managed devices via network and it’s recommended that implementing HPE OneView in local site, there are some limitations about managing and monitoring all devices on single instance of HPE OneView. HPE has introduced HPE OneView Global Dashboard for monitoring and managing multiple HPE OneView appliances.

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Ansible UI – Ansible Semaphore

Ansible is one of most popular IT automation systems but if you want to have User Interface for Ansible, you have few options. Red Hat offers Ansible Tower as an enterprise edition of Ansible which includes an UI. Ansible Tower (AWX Project) is available as community edition but some version may be released with minimum of tests. There is another Open-Source project that you can use it, Ansible Semaphore.