The New Guy Came, vSphere 7

I was reading lot of posts and tweets about this new guy, vSphere 7 but who is this new guy? Why is he attractive for Virtualization ladies?

What’s New in vSphere 7?

There are many new features and there are many removed feature, vSphere 7 has huge arms compare to vSphere 6.7 (The depressed guy). Let’s quick review about new features, I’ll publish some posts about each feature after check them on my lab.

I hope that the new guy is compatible with our current hardware! But there is no information yet. He is a ghost!

  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager
    • Next-Gen Infrastructure Image Management: Manage infrastructure images to patch, update or upgrade ESXi clusters using a desired state model.
    • vCenter Server Profiles: Desired state configuration management capabilities for vCenter Server. It helps the user to define/validate/apply configuration for multiple vCenter Servers.
    • vCenter Server Update Planner: Manage the compatibility & interoperability for vCenter Server for upgrade scenarios. We will allow users to generate the interoperability and pre-checks report, which will help them plan for upgrades.
    • Content Library: Added administrative control and versioning support. Provides simple and effective centralized management for virtual machine templates, virtual appliances, ISO images, and scripts.
  • Identity federation with ADFS: Secure access and account management.
  • vSphere Trust Authority: Remote attestation for sensitive workloads.
  • Dynamic DirectPath IO: Support for vGPU and DirectPath I/O initial VM placement.
  • DRS Redesigned with a more workload centric approach, DRS balances resources allocated to workloads in a vSphere cluster.
  • vMotion: The recent enhancements in vMotion logic provides non-disruptive operations, irrespective of the size of VMs, specifically for large and mission critical workloads.


vSphere 7 YouTube Playlist

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