[Update]: EMC Unity Storage Systems – Drive and OE Compatibility Matrix (Feb 2018)

EMC Unity Drive and OE Compatibility Matrix

EMC Unity storage systems supporting the below disk drives:

  1. Unity SAS Flash 2 Drives – For use in FAST Cache, FAST VP or all-Flash-pools
  2. Unity SAS Flash 3 Drives – For use in all-Flash-pools only
  3. Unity SAS Flash 4 Drives – For use in all-Flash-pools only
  4. Unity Spinning Drives

To function properly drives installed in an EMC Unity storage system require that the array be running the minimum required revision of the Operating Environment (OE). EMC provides a document  which lists the drive part numbers supported for Unity storage systems and the minimum software revisions required for each drive model.


  1. The drive part number (PN) appears on a label on the front of the drive carrier. Note that although the OE GUI may display an alpha suffix at the end of the PN (like EFD) these characters are not part of the actual orderable PN.
  2. All drives listed in this document are RoHS compliant.
  3. Unity drive models use the following prefixes:
    • D3 = AC storage
    • D3FC = AC FAST cache
    • D3AF = AC storage when used in All-Flash-Array (AFA)
    • D3N = DC NEBS storage
    • D3NFC = DC NEBS FAST Cache
  4. The following tables provide only AC model numbers for reference purposes. If there is a ‘YES’ designation found in the DC NEBS column for any specific drive PN then a DC NEBS ordering model exists and only those drives with a ‘YES’ in this column should used as replacements.
  5. The platform column identifies the arrays that support that unique drive type or model, even if no longer offered for configuring in new arrays in MyQuotes.
  6. All drives from original array are supported post DIP upgrade even if not shown as available for new target array.

Download The Document

The document is available on EMC Support website: EMC Unity Drive Support Matrix

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[Update]: EMC Unity Storage Systems – Drive and OE Compatibility Matrix (Feb 2018)
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