[Review]: Intel Data Center Modernization Estimator

What’s Intel Data Center Modernization Estimator?

Intel Data Center Modernization Estimator is an online tool for project server sizing. Based on Intel IT’s methodology for determining the appropriate server sizing for our scale-up enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment, this tool allows you to enter data about your existing data center environment and evaluate the optimal servers for your project life cycle.

This tool models the combined effects of compute, memory and I/O to understand the overall implications for server sizing and selection to meet IT service level agreements.

It incorporates the required number of servers to address projected workloads, use of SSD vs HDD, migration to faster Ethernet adapters, and the possible freeing of labor resources to address other critical IT business needs.

This tool will help you to sizing servers for any project with physical or virtual servers.

Intel Data Center Modernization Estimator

Intel Data Center Modernization Estimator

Tool Capabilities

  • Run a simple analysis with just a few inputs
  • Customize your analysis to be specific to your environment
  • Model up to 5 different existing / new servers profiles
  • Select a variety of on-screen output options to aid in modeling
  • Select what cost & savings variables you’d like to include or exclude
  • Generate detailed reports to share in internal decision making

The tool has two pages:

  • Analysis: First page will calculate server sizing based on project life. Multiple profiles are available for each project.
  • Report: Second page is reporting page. The page will create output from analysis data as PowerPoint Presentation or PDF document.

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