[Update]: EMC VNX2 Storage Systems – Drive and OE Compatibility Matrix (Feb 2018)

EMC VNX2 Drive and OE Compatibility Matrix

The document will help you to know that the minimum compatibility between VNX storage system OE and disk drives. The supported part numbers and minimum version of software are listed.

Before installing a new disk in a storage system, use the EMC Unisphere Manager to determine the VNX OE revision running on the storage system. In Unisphere Manager, the VNX OE revision appears on the Software tab of the Storage System Properties dialog box for the storage system.

Note 1: Changes and additions in the tables since the last revision of this document are noted in red type.

Note 2: The disk part number (PN) appears on a label on the front of the disk carrier. Note that although the OE GUI may display an alpha suffix at the end of the PN (like PWR or SSD) these characters are not part of the actual orderable PN.

Note 3: PNs in tables with a ‘YES’ entry in the Spin-Down Support column may report a suffix of PWR through the OE GUI (EX: 005049278PWR). This PWR suffix is used by the OE and is not part of the actual orderable PN.

Supported Disk Drives – Type

EMC VNX storage systems supporting the below disk drives:

  1. Standard 6Gb SAS HDD disk modules
  2. VNX SAS Flash SSD:
    1. For use in FAST Cache, FAST VP or all-Flash-pools
  3. VNX SAS FLASH 2 SSD (formerly known as SAS FLASH VP)”
    1. For use in FAST Cache, FAST VP or all-Flash-pools
    1. For use in all-Flash-pools only

Download The Document

The document is available on EMC Support website: VNX5200, VNX5400, VNX5600 VNX5800, VNX7600 and VNX8000 Storage Systems Disk and OE Matrix

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