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[How To]: Restart Unisphere Management Server 0

[How To]: Restart Unisphere Management Server

EMC Unisphere is a web based management GUI for managing EMC VNX family and actually, this is Java web application that hosting by a Windows. Sometimes, the management server shows incorrect status for disks, RAID Groups or LUNs. As an example, there is no faulty disks on array enclosures but LUN health status is marked as faulted. Restarting Unisphere management server is one of solution for resolving such that issue.

Multipath 0

Remove Multipath Device – Map in use!

Multipath Device, Remove From Linux Based on Red Hat solution (, the below steps should be done before flush any multipath device, otherwise the command will be failed: Locate any subsystem or process holding...


Centralized Logs By RSyslog

What’s Syslog? Syslog server is a server for centralizing logs that both enterprise and small businesses using native solution or third-party solution for our log centralization. When you have syslog server in your environment,...

Eject CD-ROM on ESXi 1

Eject CD-ROM on ESXi

Many of my friends, asked me to advise them that who can they eject CD-ROM on ESXi. The below command may be useful for you as well: eject /dev/cdrom/mpx.* This is worked for me...

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