[How To]: Resolve Post Error: 333-HPE RESTful API Error on HPE ProLiant Servers

Post Error: 333-HPE RESTful API Error

I don’t know why and I don’t know what was root cause of the below issue, everything was fine on our server and it was working without problem. I went to restart that and check something on BIOS and also reconfigure iLO IP address.

But after reboot, the below log does appear on IML (Integrated Management Log):

Post Error: 333-HPE RESTful API Error – Unable to communicate with iLO FW. BIOS configuration resources may not be up-to-date. Action: Reset iLO FW and reboot the server. If issue persists, AC power cycle the server.

333-HPE RESTful API Error

333-HPE RESTful API Error

Also the error does appear on server screen:

HPE RESTful API Error - Server Screen

HPE RESTful API Error – Server Screen


What Now?

Searching The Issue on Google!

I have searched the issue and just I found the below customer advisory from HPE and it’s not exactly same issue.

Document ID: c05351947

Version: 4

Advisory: (Revision) ProLiant Gen9 Series Servers -Post Error 333 May Be Displayed During an AC Power-Cycle When the Servers Are Configured With Certain SD Cards
The advisory talking about USB controller and SD card:

On a ProLiant Gen9 series server that is configured with one of the SD cards listed in the Scope section below, if an AC power-cycle is performed, an “Error 333” may be displayed at Power-On Self-Test (POST) and in the Integrated Management Log (IML):

“333-HPE RESTful API Error – Unable to communicate with iLO FW during POST”

This occurs because during an AC power-cycle, HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) will restart the USX2065 controller. However, the media initialization may not be ready when the BIOS sends data by the CHIF command. The BIOS reports the POST error 333 because there is a CHIF RISservice timeout.


Any ProLiant Gen9 series server with either of the following SD cards installed and running any version of HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) firmware prior to version 2.53:

  • Option Kit 700139-B21: HP 32GB microSD Mainstream Flash Media Kit
  • Option Kit 726116-B21: HP 8GB microSD EM Flash Media Kit


iLO 4 Firmware 2.54 corrects this issue

As a workaround, if the timeout occurs retry the AC power-cycle.

Because iLO version was 2.55 and we did firmware update recently, BIOS and all other firmware was updated. I did AC power-cycle finally.

AC Power-Cycle

Shutdown operating server and remove AC cords from power modules and don’t power on server at least 15 minutes.

AC power-cycle didn’t help me!

Searching Again on Google

I can’t imagine that how was hard living on earth before Google, thank you Larry and Sergey.

Finally, I found the solution, the below command will clear the issue but access to iLO via SSH is necessary.



Finish Him!

After run the command, you have to do AC power-cycle anyway.

Please consider that the issue may be reset all BIOS configurations or it does NVRAM.

Check the BIOS configurations after power-on the server.


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