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[Review]: What’s FlexibleLOM, FLR and FLB?

What’s FlexibleLOM?

FlexibleLOM is a standard for HPE network interface cards that using on ProLiant Blade servers and ProLiant Rack Mount servers. LAN-On-Motherboard is an architecture for HPE network interface cards.

There is some benefits when FlexibleLOM is installed on HPE servers. The previous server generations (G7 and earlier) shipped with an integrated LOM and if customers needs to another type of NIC, they had to purchase another PCI NIC for the server. This was consuming mezzanine or PCI slots which reduced the flexibility to add other mezzanine cards or PCI cards.

What’s FLR?

FLR or FlexibleLOM for Rack Mount servers that be installed on G8 and newer generations.

FlexibleLOM technology uses a custom implementation of the PCIe 3.0 x8 interface. FlexibleLOM technology does not require additional CPU resources over standard LOM architecture and does not occupy a regular PCI slot.

FlexibleLOM - Rack Mount Servers

FlexibleLOM – Rack Mount Servers

What’s FLB?

FLB or FlexibleLOM for Blade servers that be installed on G8 and newer generations.

FLB uses PCI Express v2.0 (Gen 2) x8 interface. The FlexibleLOM Blade adapter installs as a daughter card on the server blade board, just like a mezzanine card.

FlexibleLOM - Blade Servers

FlexibleLOM – Blade Servers

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[Review]: What’s FlexibleLOM, FLR and FLB?
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