[Review]: Free SAN/Storage Performance Monitoring – STOR2RRD

Introduction to STOR2RRD

STOR2RRD is a free and useful tools for SAN and storage performance and health monitoring. The tool is developed by XORUX. STOR2RRD supports wide range of SAN switches and SAN storage from most vendors.

The tool offers you end-to-end views of your storage environment including NAS and SAN and can save you significant money in operation monitoring and by predicting utilization bottlenecks in your virtualized environment.
You can also generate policy-based alerts, view overall health status of your systems, provide capacity reports and forecasting data.

  • Real-time storage and SAN performance visibility in multi-vendor environment
  • Historical reporting (graph, CSV, PDF, XLS)
  • Alerting based on performance thresholds
  • Event monitoring

Supported Storage Devices


  • NetApp FAS/AFF (Clustered Data OnTAP (CDOT))
  • NetApp FAS (OnTAP 7-mode)
  • NetApp E/EF-series


  • IBM System Storage DS8000, DS6800
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000/V840
  • IBM FlashSystem A9000
  • IBM Storwize family (V7000, V5000 and V3700)
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC)
  • IBM Spectrum Accelerate (XIV)
  • IBM DS3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx
  • IBM DCS3700

Other Vendors

  • Pure Storage® FlashArray
  • Huawei® OceanStor V3 and Dorado V3
  • Lenovo® Storwize
  • Lenovo S2200/S3200
  • LSI / Engenio based storages
  • Dot Hill/Seagate AssuredSAN®
  • Quantum StorNext®


  • Hitachi Data Systems VSP G
  • Hitachi Data Systems VSP F
  • Hitachi Data Systems HUS-VM
  • Hitachi Data Systems VSP
  • Hitachi Data Systems HUS
  • Hitachi Data Systems AMS


  • HPE StorageWorks XP7
  • HPE StoreServ® 3PAR
  • HPE MSA P2000

Dell® EMC²®

  • EMC² Unity
  • EMC² VNX™
  • EMC² VNX file
  • EMC² VNXe
  • Dell SC Series (Formerly Compellent)
  • Dell PowerVault® MD3000

Supported SAN devices


  • Cisco MDS
  • Cisco Nexus

Brocade® and all their re-brands

Brocade Network Advisor





STOR2RRD must have the below access to storage and SAN devices for monitoring health and performance:

Storage access summary

Vendor Storage type User role Interface Used ports 3rd party SW
IBM DS8000 monitor DScli 1750,1751 IBM DScli
Administrator SVC CLI 22
XIV,A9000 readonly SMI-S 5989
DS3000,4000,5000 monitor SMcli 2463 IBM SMcli
EMC² VMAX performance monitor REST API 8443
VPLEX vplexuser SSH
22, 443
Unity operator UEM CLI 443 Unisphere UEM CLI
VNX block operator Navisphere CLI 443,6389 Navisphere CLI
VNX file operator CLI 22
VNXe operator REST API 443 VNXe UEM CLI
NetApp C-mode monitor NetApp CLI
NetApp API
7-mode monitor NetApp CLI
NetApp API
E/EF-series monitor SMcli 2463 NetApp SMcli
Hitachi VSP-G,VSP-F
read only CCI,
Export Tool
TCP: 1099,51100
UDP: 31001,31002
CCI, Export Tool
HUS, AMS read role HSNM2 CLI 2000,28355 HSNM2 CLI
HPE 3PAR browse 3PAR CLI
via ssh
3PAR browse 3PAR CLI 22,5783,5782 3PAR CLI
XP7 read only CCI,
Export Tool
TCP: 1099,51100
UDP: 31001,31002
CCI, Export Tool
MSA P2000 monitor REST API, SMI-S 80,5988 (443,5989)
Lenovo Storwize Administrator Storwize CLI 22
S2200/S3200 monitor REST API, SMI-S 80,5988 (443,5989)
Dell MD3000 monitor SMcli 2463 Dell SMcli
SC series
Reporter REST API 3033 Enterprise Manager or DSM Data Collector
Dot Hill AssuredSAN monitor REST API, SMI-S 80,5988 (443,5989)
Quantum StorNext monitor REST API, SMI-S 80,5988 (443,5989)
Huawei OceanStor read-only REST API 8088
Pure Storage FlashArray read-only REST API 443
Brocade SAN switch read-only SNMP v1,2,3 161 UDP
QLogic SAN switch read-only SNMP v1,2,3 161 UDP
Cisco MDS and Nexus read-only SNMP v1,2,3 161 UDP
Brocade Network Advisor operator
read only


Check STOR2RRD website for more information and try the online demo.

Also STOR2RRD and LPAR2RRD are available as virtual appliance and RPM package.

These tools can save money for you because they are free for ever.

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