Why Device Bay IP Doesn’t Change in HPE BladeSystem?

Title of this post is a question and I wanna answer that. Why device bay IP doesn’t change in HPE BladeSystem?

iLO IP configuration has been configured in DHCP mode on any HPE blade server by default and iLO IP address will be defined by Onboard Administrator as device bay address.

If you configured an IP address for a device bay, the address will be shown as current device by IP address, otherwise there is footprint of stupid administrator.

Why stupid administrator? Because no one configure static IP address for HPE blade server, when it managing by OA. Now, we have found the root cause (Possible root), but what is the solution?

How to Resolve the Problem?

At the first step, plan a party and sing this: “Someone is getting fire”. Kidding, you can logon to each iLO and restore them to default or do it during boot-up. But there is quick way to resolve this problem.

Connect to OA via SSH and run the below:

<LOGIN USER_LOGIN=”adminname” PASSWORD=”password”>
<RIB_INFO MODE=”write”>

Note: It will restore to default all device bays iLO. Any bay without installed device will not affect.

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