New Updates for VMware Free Performance Monitoring, LPAR2RRD

If you are not familiar with LPAR2RRD, you can read my review post about this free server performance monitoring tool:

[Review]: LPAR2RRD – Free Performance Monitoring

The below virtualization platforms are supported from version 6.00:

  • oVirt, RedHat Virtualization (RHV)
  • XenServer, Citrix Hypervisor
  • Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V
  • Solaris LDOM, CDOM & Global Zone
  • Hitachi Compute Blade (BladeSymphony)

Before review the last version, let’s review changes and improvements in version 6.00:

  • Main news are support for new virtualization technologies and HMC REST API support.

IBM Power Systems

  • HMC REST API usage as a total replacement for HMC CLI (ssh) access used until now
    • Performance data for all physical adapters: SR-IOV, FC, Eth, SAS
    • Configuration with more details
    • Power Enterprise Pools configuration
  • POWER9 support in CPU Workload Estimator
  • Monitoring and alerting for filesystem space utilization
  • IBM i – ASP latency monitoring
  • Reporter – new reporting feature
  • AIX WLM (Workload Manager) monitoring


  • New reporting feature called Reporter
  • Cluster LAN aggregated graphs (per ESXi)
  • Custom Group: Memory consumed added
  • Optimized data gathering from vCenter and back-end processing

The last version 6.02 also fixes a few issues that appeared in 6.00 and adds a few enhancements:


  • Re-grouping: new view, where all graphs from all tabs are sorted into 4 tabs (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • Solaris: Custom Group implementation, Zones and LDOM/CDOM separately, CPU core and Memory used
  • Solaris: aggregated total CPU/memory with all LDOM/CDOM on the top of Solaris section
  • XenServer: expanded Configuration data
  • Alerting implemented for stand-alone Linux servers (not under any virtualization)
  • ACL: introduced read-only role, members can see everything but cannot modify anything


  • VMware: if no cluster was defined, there was a problem with presenting ESXi in the menu, fixed
  • VMware: fix for this error: “SOAP request error – possibly a protocol issue: 500 read timeout”
  • IBM Power Systems: HMC REST API : many smaller fixes, upgrade to it if you have any problem
  • IBM Power Systems: SDMC/FSM support: CPU pool utilisation stopped after 6.00, fixed
  • oVirt/RHV: fixed a few smaller issues
  • Reporter: if ACL in place then the first defined item in the report has been skipped, fixed
  • AIX: LPAR2RRD server on AIX might core dump in, fixed
  • OS agent: NFS mount caused a problem to the agent, fixed
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: fix of a wrong path added in crontab after install/upgrade

If you have installed version 6.00, upgrade the installation to version 6.02 and if you are using other monitoring, just test it for once. I’m sure it will be a replacement for your current monitoring tools.

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