VMware vSphere 7: Which Features Are Removed?

VMware vSphere 7 introduces lot of new features but there are some features which removed or deprecated in VMware vSphere 7. Some of them were important features for us but VMware has defined some policies to achieved new and updated solutions in server/desktop/OS Level virtualization.

vSphere 7

Say Goodbye to vSphere Web Client

That was not my favorite and always was hanging cause of unknown issues, also it needs Adobe Flash Player that modern browsers are not supporting it now. Adobe Flash Player always comes with lot of security issues. This version just includes HTML5 client.

External Platform Services Controller

In order to simplified administration and deployment, there is no need/way to deploy external PSC. I dn’t know what’s impact of this removal.

Update Manager Plugin

It should have been done sooner. We had to lunch vSphere Web Client to managing Update Manager. Update Manager replaced with Lifecycle Manager.

vCenter Server for Windows Support

I’m not fan of this removal. This is like to fire Messi from Barcelona. But it’s done by them, so if you have vCenter Server on Windows, it should migrate to vCenter Server Appliance.

VNC Server

In vSphere 7.0, the ESXi built-in VNC server has been removed. Users will no longer be able to connect to a virtual machine using a VNC client by setting the RemoteDisplay.vnc.enable configure to be true. Instead, users should use the VM Console via the vSphere Client, the ESXi Host Client, or the VMware Remote Console, to connect virtual machines.

Other Deprecation and Removals in vSphere 7

  • VMware vSphere 7.0 and TLS Protocol (TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are disabled by default)
  • Removal of Image-Based Backup Support for vCenter
  • Deprecation of VMKLinux
  • Deprecation of 32-bit Userworld Support
  • Deprecation of Integrated Windows Authentication (Why?!)
  • Deprecation of DCUI Smart Card Authentication
  • Deprecation of Core Partition Profile in Host Profiles

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  1. Theo Merian says:

    Thanks Davoud. I feel like vSphere 7 is the version we’ve all been longing for since 6.0…

    I’m not a fan of the removal of support on Windows Server either… Oh well…

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