[Veeam ONE]: Veeam ONE Reporter Session Task Failed

Davoud Teimouri

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  1. Mhamed says:

    Good Post

  2. Alex says:

    Another reason for warning – no license. Even free edition need to be activated (for free).

    At Veeam One Reporter console (web) go to Configuration – Sessions and double click on session with warning. So it is a log and you could find some source of issues. At my case I’ve found:
    5/17/2018 4:11:49 PM [warning]: Veeam requires that you register your installation to be able to continue using the product. Registration is FREE.

    After I’ve registered a license and install it (Veeam One Monitor – Help – License Information – Install License) the warning has gone.

  1. 02/08/2023

    […] [Veeam ONE]: Veeam ONE Reporter Session Task Failed […]

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