[Review]: HPE System Health Application

HPE System Health Application and Command Line Utilities

The HPE System Health Application and Command Line Utilities (hp-health) is collection of applications and tools which enables monitoring of fans, power supplies, temperature sensors, and other management events. It also provides collection of command-line utilities: the ProLiant boot configuration utility (hpbootcfg), the ProLiant Management Command Line Interface Utility (hpasmcli), the ProLiant Integrated Management Log (IML) Utility (hplog), and the UID (blue) Light Utility (hpuid).

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Fixed hp-health to work with linux kernel versions 4.X
  • File permissions for hp-health services
  • HPSUM discovery works with G7 platforms


The hp-health and hp-snmp-agents run as 32 bit applications in the x86_64 environment.  The Linux kernel 32 bit compatibility must be enabled (usual default for Linux) and the 32 bit compatibility libraries must be present.

To get the list of all dependency files for hp-health, type:

      rpm –qp –requires hp-health-< version >.rpm

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