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[How To]: Resolve No Network Adapters Issue on ESXi

What’s “No Network Adapters” Issue?

No network Adapter issue actually will be happened during installation, if the server has no adapter or the adapter driver is not loaded or the image is not contains of any compatible adapter driver, ESXi installer does stop installation and prompt:


It might be happened even after installation cause of upgrade firmware to an incompatible version. Now, if you are using HPE ProLiant servers and the servers are configured with the below hardware:

Your server is affected by an incompatibility issue between adapter firmware and adapter driver.

The issue occurs AFTER upgrading the driver to version 2.713.30 contained in the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) 2017.07.1 and the July HPE Custom Images.

The below ESXi versions are affected by the issue:


The issue might be happened for any server from any vendor but if you have HPE servers, upgrade HPE BNX2X VMware drivers with older or newer firmware image.


Also if you have plan to add new ESXi server or upgrade current installation, use the below ESXi image or newer:

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