Our ESET Agent Upgrade Story

This is a sad story. We are not using any Directory Service such as Active Directory (I was fighting for active directory during past 4 years!) because of Gap of Knowledge in our department. I don’t know that why they are believe that there is more security without directory service. Anyway, after some years, customers asking to have Anti-Virus on their servers. Yes, you guess right, we didn’t have Anti-Virus on our servers!. One of our customers, ask us to install ESET security product on servers. The first installation was local because we don’t have permission to have centralized solution for managing devices and servers!

Upgrade Story – Why Locally Again?

Ignorant security team sent an email about the customer’s request for upgrading agents manually, I asked them to have meeting and discuss about that because based on my experiences, there is no need to manual installation after first installation for any upgrade.

The customer said that there is no way to upgrade remotely but there is a Remote Administrator solution or ESET Security Management Center.



Now, I don’t know why they are going to use Deployment Tool for upgrade?!


When you are going to implementing any software solution in a large scale, you must consider about upgrade or reinstallation the components. So if there is no automation or centralized management, I recommend that don’t implement that.

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