OpBot – Virtual Assistant For Your Virtual Datacenter – New Release

You may read previous post about OpBot on this blog and if you didn’t check it, here is the previous post:

OpBot – Virtual Assistant For Your Virtual Datacenter

Now, new version of the virtual assistant is available to download and try it as free software for limited period of time. There is some changes to improve your assistance performance:

  • Easy deployment as a virtual appliance
  • All configurations are made during import and you just need to add your OpBot key as well as the Slack Key to get OpBot live
  • Experience lightning fast command execution without long loading times
  • Access dozens of built-in commands to monitor and analyze your VMware vSphere environment
  • Check virtual machine load, events, snapshots and even console screenshots (ouch, there is a blue screen) in seconds
  • Use built-in reports within the chat; output as text, html or csv files: virtual hardware changes, cluster resource planning
  • Full PowerShell core and PowerCLI core implementation (persistent and optimized for fast response times)
  • Switch between desktop (full screen) and mobile (optimize output) mode
  • Built-in PowerShell file manager and editor with syntax highlighting
  • Upload your own PowerShell scripts and functions and make them accessible within the Chat

 The beta version is available for download on this link: OpBot v3

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