Is There Any Tools Like VMware Tools for KVM?

All VMware guys know that guest OS needs drivers for paravirtualized devices and the drivers provided by VMware as a package which called VMware Tools. VMware Tools is available for supported operating systems and also there is an open-source which called Open-VM-Tools and it’s available for modern Linux distributions and installed by operating system installer.

What About Other Hypervisors?

KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine) has packages like VMware which called VirtIO Drivers. VirtIO Drivers for Microsoft Windows improve performance for network and block (disk) devices on Microsoft Windows guests and resolve common issues.

That was for Windows, what about Linux virtual machines?

Linux gust operating systems needs VirtIO Drivers as well but it’s installed by default on most of Linux distributions. It’s available also for other Unix-Like operating systems.

If you are using KVM on specific Linux distribution like Oracle Linux, it’s recommended that using VirtIO Drivers that provided by the vendor.

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