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I’m Ava, VMware’s Virtual Assistant

I’m feeling old when I met Ava. Not too long, I had to use Google to find information about articles in VMware Knowledge Base. No one cared about us. But now, Ava will help guys to find anything faster. The name is like an Iranian name for girls (آوا). She’s so beautiful, so respectful but very young because it’s the beta version.

VMware’s Automated Virtual Assistant (Ava) designed to help users of VMware Docs find answers to common product questions. Using natural language processing, Ava is trained to understand key VMware concepts and recommend further reading that will answer your questions. Ava’s recommendations come from a combination of product documentation and FAQs, with more content being added all the time.

Ava is still learning and only VMware users have access by logon to their VMware’s account. Ava is in training mode right now and asking any question will improve Ava accuracy.

How Can Meet Ava?

Login to https://docs.vmware.com/ by your VMware account and then click on chat icon. Then Ava will ready to answer your questions.

If Ava asked you a question, answer carefully. Ava is young and needs to information to find the final answer for you.

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