Dell EMC Unity OE Discover Enhancements and Fixes

Unity OE has been released recently with some bug fixes. The release has no new feature. In this post, we’ll review the new release about resolved issues.

Should We Upgrade to Unity OE

The new release of OE is a minor release and includes some bug fixes. However, there is no new feature or enhancements in this release. If you faced with issues that mentioned in bug fixes. Previously, the vendor has released version to resolve some critical issues. You must upgrade to this version at least.

Resolved Issues

As I mentioned at the above, there is no new feature or even changed feature in this release. The new release includes fifteen bug fixes.

Resolved issue types are as follows:

  • Connectivity
  • Serviceability
  • Storage Block
  • Storage File

Above all, help you to find happened issues on your current version.

List of Resolved Issues

The list of resolved issues are as follows. However, issue ID has been mentioned as reference.

Issue IDFunctional areaDescription
58433/56826Connectivity – networksWhen a static global IPv6 address is used for Unisphere, an IPv6 link local address cannot be used as a gateway for Unisphere.
58434/ 57571ServiceabilityCalls home are stopped, requiring a restart of the primary SP.
58432/ 54738ServiceabilityWhen the service command svc_topstats is used with the “fs.qtreeFile” statistic to monitor multiple file system quotas, an exception error might occur.
58425/ 54591ServiceabilityA large number of events prevents Unisphere event logs from updating.
58427/ 56489Storage – BlockIf you use Veritas Infoscale, you might see a Data Unavailable (DU) condition after you upgrade to version 5.2.0.x. or later.
58423/52054Storage – BlockDropped Fibre Channel data frames might cause unexpectedly high latencies.
58494/ 58032Storage – FileWhen you run version 5.2.0.x or 5.2.1.x and use Kerberos authentication, the SP might reboot unexpectedly and go into service mode if the DC server sends an empty subkey.
58435/ 58040Storage – FileWhen you perform a failover and reboot the primary SP, ConnectEMC will likely be disabled on the primary SP after failover.
58431/ 55206Storage – FileA timestamp later than 19-Jan-2038 03:14 a.m. UTC cannot be set using SMB.
58430/ 54096Storage – FileWhen a file is opened as read-only and that file is later flushed, storage array incorrectly reports a “success” status.
58429/ 56481Storage – FileIf you are running versions 5.2.0.x or 5.2.1.x, running SFTP as a regular workload might cause an unexpected SP reboot.
58428/ 57480Storage – FileIf you are running versions 5.2.0.x or 5.2.1.x, some HP printers and scanners might fail to create files under the root directory of the file system.
58426/ 55225Storage – FileA storage processor might reboot unexpectedly when you try to set attributes using NFSv4.
58424/ 55075Storage – FileWhen you create a thick file system and then shrink it to a smaller size, the free space on the file system cannot be returned to the pool.

How Do Upgrade to New OE?

Upgrade process is too easy in Unity storage array. However, the process has been documented by the vendor, you can find the guide in external links and follow the steps.

However, upgrade process should be done in maintenance time. As result of upgrading during working hours, services will be unavailable.

In other words, you are going to resolve some issues, but services wouldn’t be available for your business.

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