Control My Update: Free Tool for Update Control

Large or small environments have same challenges about updating operating system and the challenges are about automation, reporting and notifying end-users or administrators. Control My Update is a fling which written by VMware engineers to have more control about Windows updates.

You can download and use it as free software but as these free tools are developed by engineers or other people, please consider that there is no official support, and you have to report bugs in tool home page.

What’s Control My Update?

Regarding to summary that written by authors:

This Fling is a full 360-degree solution for Windows Update management. Create full supported of configurations and use the fling for install and monitor. CMU consists of two different tools.

First Tool

This graphical PowerShell tool will provide an easy-to-use GUI for configuring profiles with the latest supported configuration settings.

  • Create profiles that are supported from 20H2 and later.
  • Create Delivery Optimization profiles that are supported from 20H2 and later.
  • Create the configuration for itself.

Second Tool

This tool will take control over Windows Update and provide an end-to-end solution for patching and reporting.

  • Select the source of updates (WSUS and Microsoft Update are both supported)
  • Define Maintenance Windows to define update installation times.
  • Download all required updates before the installation starts – thereby reducing overall installation time.
  • Install emergency patches.
  • Create custom toast notifications.
  • Block specific KBs from installation.
Control My Update
Control My Update

What Are Requirements?

This fling has two requirements:

  • PowerShell: Version is not mentioned in its document but, use latest version is recommended.
  • VMware Workspace ONE: Version is not mentioned in documents, and I guess, should work with latest version or supported versions at least.

PowerShell is available on all supported Windows versions, but “VMware Workspace ONE” is a commercial product that provided by VMware for intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables you to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere.

So, it can help to deploying Windows update in end-user environment and not server environment. Server environment has more challenges and deploying Windows updates without proper plans will make big troubles for administrators.

Is That Best Solution?

I can’t say that, but it is good solution for Windows update. You can choose another free solution such as PowerShell module for controlling Windows update. Also there are many third-party solutions for Windows update but most of those solutions are not free.

Please consider that the fling is a free software to use and also using it in production environment would be your own risk because there is no official support, and you have to report bugs in VMware Fling and wait to resolve the issues by engineers.

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