Configure HPE G10 Server BIOS via PowerShell

Last post was about configuring HPE smart array and create logical drives on HPE G10 servers via PowerShell (HPE Scripting Tools for PowerShell). This post is about configuring HPE G10 BIOS via PowerShell by using HPE BIOS cmdlets. As I have mentioned in the last post, there are cmdltes available for Smart Array, BIOS, iLO and OA which helping administrators to configure and deploy servers faster than regular ways and without no additional cost.

In order to configure HPE BIOS via PowerShell, you need to download and install HPE Scripting Tools for PowerShell:

Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell

Sample Script

The below script will configure BIOS configuration for database server on HPE DL580 G10:

The above script needs same credential on multiple servers if you want to configure BIOS on multiple servers at same time. Also don’t run script on server that server has production server, it has been created for first deployment. Replace “iLO IP 1” and others with your servers’ iLO IP addresses.

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