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HPE Serviceguard for Linux 1

HPE Serviceguard for Linux

HPE Serviceguard for Linux (SGLX), a high availability(HA) and disaster recovery (DR) clustering solution, increases uptime for your critical applications by protecting them from a multitude of infrastructure and application faults across physical or virtual environments over any distance. It reduces the impact of unplanned downtime with no compromise on data integrity and performance. Furthermore, it helps achieve near zero planned downtime for maintenance.


[Download]: HPE Microprocessor Vulnerability ROM Updates

Microprocessor Vulnerability ROM Updates HPE has released ROM update to preventing Side Channel Analysis Method vulnerability on the below servers and operating systems: Product Category  Description  Version  Upgrade Requirement  Filename  BIOS – System ROM  Online ROM Flash Component for Windows – HP ProLiant ML110 G7/DL120 G7 (J01) Servers  2018.02.22  Critical  cp035115.exe...


[How To]: Configure HPE iLO via ESXi

There is a standard way to configure iLO for HPE ProLiant servers, HPE iLO can be configured after boot-up via SETUP utility on all type of servers and generations. If you press [F8] during boot-up, iLO configuration utility will be appeared and then you can configure all iLO configuration such as network connection.

FlexibleLOM - Rack Mount Servers 6

[Review]: What’s FlexibleLOM, FLR and FLB?

What’s FlexibleLOM? FlexibleLOM is a standard for HPE network interface cards that using on ProLiant Blade servers and ProLiant Rack Mount servers. LAN-On-Motherboard is an architecture for HPE network interface cards. There is some benefits when FlexibleLOM is installed on HPE servers. The previous server generations (G7 and earlier) shipped...

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