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[PowerCLI]: ESXi Syslog Configuration via PowerCLI

What’s Syslog? Syslog is a standard for message logging. It allows software to generating messages with a standard format and store the messages as log files on a local disk or shared storage for analyzing and troubleshooting. Syslog has two standard components: Syslog Client Syslog Server Syslog client is a software agent for collecting the software messages and store those messages as log file or send it to a remote server. Syslog server is a remote server to receiving messages from remote clients and store messages on a storage as log file or log database. What’s VMware Syslog Collector? VMware...

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[Script]: Find ESXi HBA WWN via PowerCLI

You know, PowerCLI is one of vSphere scripting and automation tools and most of administrators using it for automation and doing their job faster than working with GUI. Finding ESXi host information and exporting those information is very simple and fast via PowerCLI. I want to show you, finding ESXi HBA WWN by PowerCLI in this post. The script is so simple, if you want to find HBA information about specific ESXi host, you can customize that. The below script can help you to find WWN addresses for all your ESXi hosts in a cluster: Get-Cluster | Get-VMhost | Get-VMHostHBA...


Veeam Backup & Replication – Re-IP Rule on Linux VM

Veeam Backup & Replication is one of the best backup and replication software that you can use them in your virtual environment. Veeam BR be able to IP customization during disaster-recovery and you can have your virtual machines in a DR site with different IP plan. But Veeam BR just support Windows VMs for IP customization or “Re-IP Rule”. So what can we do about Linux virtual machines and others? There is one unique answer (As I know): You have to do it manually or by a script during replica machine boot process. I wrote two scripts on this regard...