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VMware PhotonOS 5.0

VMware PhotonOS 5.0 is the latest release of VMware Operating System and released with new features and enhancements recently. It’s available as ISO images and virtual appliance to download. What’s New in VMware PhotonOS 5.0? VMware PhotonOS is the one of best operating systems for hosting different services and hosting containers. Recently, VMware has released PhotonOS 5.0 and this new release has lots of enhancements and new features. Photon OS 5.0 provides enhancements in Network Configuration Manager, PMD-nextgen, Container Runtime Security, Linux Real-Time Kernel, and TDNF Features. The release introduces the Photon OS Container Builder tool. This release of Photon...

Daylight Saving 1

Iran Daylight Saving on March 2023

The government of Iran has announced that daylight savings will not be observed from March 2023. But apparently, this issue has not been properly coordinated with international institutions. So this was cause of many issues on public services in Iran. We did some updates and configuration changes before 22nd March 2022 and I want to share the story with you.

Control My Update 0

Control My Update – VMware Fling

Large or small environments have same challenges about updating operating system and the challenges are about automation, reporting and notifying end-users or administrators. Control My Update is a fling which written by VMware engineers to have more control about Windows updates.

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Database Backup Solutions in Virtualization Platforms, Especially VMware vSphere

Virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere or Linux KVM supporting large scale of virtual machines now. Even, virtualization platforms can host monster virtual machines as database server. At this post, we’ll review database backup solutions in virtualization platforms about advantages and disadvantages.