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Control My Update – VMware Fling

Large or small environments have same challenges about updating operating system and the challenges are about automation, reporting and notifying end-users or administrators. Control My Update is a fling which written by VMware engineers to have more control about Windows updates.

Database Backup 0

Database Backup Solutions in Virtualization Platforms, Especially VMware vSphere

Virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere or Linux KVM supporting large scale of virtual machines now. Even, virtualization platforms can host monster virtual machines as database server. At this post, we’ll review database backup solutions in virtualization platforms about advantages and disadvantages.


New Release – STOR2RRD & LPAR2RRD (7.50)

I’ve published many articles about STOR2RRD and LPAR2RRD monitoring software for monitoring servers, OS, storage, SAN, LAN and other devices. XORUX has released new version of the monitoring suites with new features and capabilities. Let’s review the new features, capabilities and changes.