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Android-x86 6.0-r1

The developers of Android-x86, a desktop operating system based on Android, have announced the first stable release of Android-x86 6.0. This version carries the code name Marshmallow and ships with version 4.4.20 of the Linux kernel. This release also includes F2FS support, fixes suspend/resume bugs related to wi-fi connections and introduces HDMI audio support. “The […]


Windows or Linux? Windows has better GUI and it’s more user friendly! We know that! Linux has open-source applications and it’s stable compare to Windows! We know that too! You have Linux on your desktop or laptop and you want to have better GUI!? Make your desktop great again with PlexyDesk! Check product page.

Oracle VM – Virtualization Modes or Domain Types – Part 1

Introduction Oracle VM introduced two main modes or domain types: Paravirtualized (PVM):A virtual machine with a kernel that is recompiled to be made aware of the virtual environment. Runs at near native speed, with memory, disk and network access optimized for maximum performance. Paravirtualized guests use generic, idealized device drivers, which are part of the […]

Configuration Limits for Release 3.4

Oracle VM

Today, virtualization is under development by many companies and big companies trying to have their virtualization solution. Oracle VM is Oracle virtualization platform that it’s based on Xen hypervisor. You may know that any hypervisor has some limitations and configuration maximums and you should consider the limitation when you are deploying infrastructure or creating virtual […]

Check CPU, Memory and Storage OverCommitment – PowerCLI

What’s OverCommitment? OverCommitment means virtual machines can use more resources than physical resources. CPU OverCommitment means you can create virtual machines with vCPU more than your server physical CPU, for example: Your server has two socket and each socket has 12 cores and also hyper-threading is enable, so you have 24 physical cores and 48 […]

Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

CPU Usage

Problem Do you have Windows 7 as client OS in your VDI environment? If yes, so you should have WSUS server in your environment to download and push Microsoft updates for Windows. If you have WSUS, you need to keep started “Windows Update” service on your clients or even servers but sometimes, searching, downloading and […]

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