What is web desktop?

This century has begun with a big jump in portable devices and gadgets technology. Few years ago, we had to carry our big laptop for attending to our meetings or … .

Today, we have smart phones and we can do anything on them.But those are not powerful like laptops or desktops and they have small screen and they have many limitation yet.

Today, we keeping our data (Important data) on cloud storage services and our portable devices become smaller.

Today, we are using virtualization technology for reduce our costs and we are implementing our virtual data centers around the world.

Today, we are using virtual desktops instead of physical desktops and we have some protocols for connecting to them remotely and have experiences same as physical desktops even from a web browser. This is a gift from virtualization leaders to us.

But virtual desktops are still expensive and needs to modern hardware.

There is another solution and you can have your web desktop.

A web desktop or webtop is a desktop environment embedded in a web browser or similar client application. A webtop integrates web applications, web services, client–server applications, application servers, and applications on the local client into a desktop environment using the desktop metaphor. Web desktops provide an environment similar to that of Windows, Mac, or a graphical user interface on Unix and Linux systems. It is a virtual desktop running in a web browser. In a webtop the applications, data, files, configuration, settings, and access privileges reside remotely over the network. Much of the computing takes place remotely. The browser is primarily used for display and input purposes.

In popular use, web desktops are sometimes referred to incorrectly as web operating systems or simply WebOS.

Here is some of web desktops:

  1. OS.js
  2. ZeroPC
  3. Symbiose


Some of the web desktop services are free and also there s some frameworks that you can implement your web desktop by them.

Also you can find cloud desktop as free service or paid service, the cloud desktops are same as web desktop but they are little difference.

Cloud desktops are virtual desktop and deliver via RDP protocol or others protocol thought your web browser.


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