vSphere 6.5 Configuration Maximums – Compare to Earlier Versions- Part 2

We’ve reviewed some of vSphere 6.5 configuration maximums in the previous post:


And we’ll review and compare the rest of configuration maximums in this post.

Networking Maximums

ItemvSphere 5.5vSphere 6.0vSphere 6.5
vSphere Standard and Distributed Switch
Total virtual network switch ports per host (VDS and VSS ports)409640964096
Maximum active ports per host (VDS and VSS)101610161016
Virtual network switch creation ports per standard switch408840884088
Port groups per standard switch512512512
Static/Dynamic port groups per distributed switch65001000010000
Ephemeral port groups per distributed switch101610161016
Ports per distributed switch600006000060000
Distributed switches per vCenter128128128
Distributed switches per host161616
Hosts per distributed switch100010002000

Cluster and Resource Pool Maximums

ItemvSphere 5.5vSphere 6.0vSphere 6.5
Cluster (all clusters including HA and DRS)
Hosts per cluster326464
Virtual Machines per cluster400080008000
Virtual machines per host51210241024
Powered-on virtual machine204820482048
FT virtual machines per cluster98128
FT virtual machines vCPU per Cluster256256
Resource pools per host160016001600
Children per resource pool110011001100
Resource pools per cluster160016001600

vCenter Server Maximums

ItemvSphere 5.5vSphere 6.0vSphere 6.5
vCenter Server Scalability
Hosts per vCenter Server100010002000
Powered-on virtual machines per vCenter Server100001000025000
Registered virtual machines per vCenter Server150001500035000
Linked vCenter Servers101010
Number of host per datacenter5005002000
MAC addresses per vCenter Server655366553665536

vSphere 6.5 will support double ESXi host per vCenter.

2.5 x Powered-on virtual machine and 2 x registered virtual machine per vCenter server.

These are not all configuration maximums but I’ve mentioned all important items.

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