VMware ESXi Warning: Failed to reserve volume f530 28 1

We had a disaster on one of our storage devices that some virtual machines were hosting by the storage. After recovering issue on the storage, the below log was on some ESXi hosts:

ESXi-Server vmkwarning: cpu45:34354)WARNING: Fil3: 2469: Failed to reserve volume f530 28 1 5cde7257 f5e2aa1e 67208f12 f0f55d7c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The issue was happened when the hosts were trying to mount the affected datastores even after issue was recovered.

Failed to reserve volume

Some of affected datastores wont mounted automatically after disaster. So we had to rescan all paths on ESXi servers or mount the datastores manually.

Hope this post will help you to recover same issues faster.

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