True SSO Diagnostic Utility

Another tools (Fling) has been released by VMware engineers and it’s useful same as other tools.

Horizon True SSO has been introduced in VMware Horizon 7:

Overview of True SSO

True SSO provides a way to authenticate to Microsoft Windows, retaining all of the users’ normal domain privileges, without requiring them to provide AD credentials! True SSO is a VMware Horizon technology that integrates VMware Identity Manager 2.6 with Horizon 7. VMware Identity Manager Standard is included in VMware Horizon 7 Advanced and Enterprise Editions.

With True SSO, a user can log into Identity Manager using any non-AD method (for example, RSA SecurID credentials) and once authenticated, the user is able to launch any entitled desktop or app (hosted from any domain) without ever being prompted for a password again!

True SSO uses SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to send the User Principal Name (for example, to the identity provider’s authentication system to access AD credentials. Horizon 7 then generates a unique, short-lived certificate for the Windows login process.

Benefits of True SSO

True SSO

  • Separates authentication (validating a user’s identity) from access (such as to a specific Windows desktop or application).
  • Provides enhanced security. User credentials are secured by a digital certificate. No passwords are vaulted or transferred within the data center.
  • Supports a wide range of authentication methods. Selecting or changing authentication protocols has a limited impact on the infrastructure of the enterprise.

The new fling (True SSO Diagnostic Utility) has been provided to perform basic validation of the Horizon (Certificate) Enrollment server, the Active Directory PKI settings, and Enterprise Certificate Authorities (CA).

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