[How To]: Restart Unisphere Management Server

Why Restart Unisphere Management Server?

EMC Unisphere is a web based management GUI for managing EMC VNX family and actually, this is Java web application that hosting by a Windows. Sometimes, the management server shows incorrect status for disks, RAID Groups or LUNs. As an example, there is no faulty disks on array enclosures but LUN health status is marked as faulted. Restarting Unisphere management server is one of solution for resolving such that issue.

How Can Restart Unisphere Management Server?

You know that Unisphere is accessible via browser by Storage Processors IP addresses, if you append this: /setup to the end of SP IP address, you will redirect to Management Server configuration window. Now, looking for “Restart Management Server” button.

Click on this button and wait for restarting Management Server then check your issues on Unisphere and if they are not gone, you have to contact with EMC engineers to resolve your issues.

Is There Any Risk?

Actually, there is no risk because storage device operation will not be impacted during management server restart process but restarting management server is your own risk at all.

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