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QEMU disk image utility for Windows

QEMU disk image utility for Windows. It is used for converting, creating and consistency checking of various virtual disk formats. It’s compatible with Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, VirtualBox and Xen virtualization solutions.This build has been optimized for Windows Server (x64), including Windows Nano Server.

Warning: Never use qemu-img to modify images in use by a running virtual machine or any other process; this may destroy the image. Also, be aware that querying an image that is being modified by another process may encounter inconsistent state

Supported formats

Image format Argument for -f and -O options
VMDK (VMware) vmdk
QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) qcow2
VHD (Hyper-V) vpc
VHDX (Hyper-V) vhdx
RAW raw
VDI (VirtualBox) vdi
You can download this utility from this link: https://cloudbase.it/downloads/qemu-img-win-x64-2_3_0.zip
You can find more information and example of usage in the manual page.
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