KSPLICE: Zero Downtime Updates For Oracle Linux


Ksplice is a part of Oracle Linux, updates the Linux operating system (OS) kernel, while it is running, without a reboot or any interruption. Only Oracle Linux offers this unique capability, making it possible for you to keep up with important Linux updates without burdening your team with the operational cost and disruption of rebooting for every update to Linux.


Key benefits of using Ksplice are as follows:

  1. Lower your operational costs by reducing the amount of supervision time required for reboots.
  2. Improve application availability and uptime.
  3. Realize greater security with the ability to promptly install OS upgrades.
  4. Experience true enterprise support for Linux.

Key Features

  1. Rollback capability. Any update that can be applied using Ksplice can also be reversed without rebooting.
  2. No performance impact. Ksplice does not negatively affect performance. No virtualization, daemon, or system agent is required.
  3. Web interface and API. View and manage the status of Ksplice on all your systems, from one place – either via a Web interface, or programmatically via a REST API.
  4. Virtualization-ready. Ksplice works perfectly well in virtualized environments.


You can visit official web site for more information.

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