HPE Synergy Cabling Guide

HPE Synergy is a next‐generation data center architectural option, Composable Infrastructure embraces and extends key concepts and traits from the architectures that have come before it, including converged and hyperconverged systems.

I don’t know when but seems that HPE will replace HPE Blade System with HPE Synergy in future. Those who worked with HPE Blade System, will confuse about HPE Synergy configuration. Configuration is very different with Blade System at all.

Cabling is one of biggest challenges with HPE Synergy. There is many management connection which should connect to the correct ports.

Because HPE Synergy is a composable infrastructure so there are some options to have multi-frame configuration which allows companies to resource expansion and service expansion easily.

I recommend that design cabling according to service requirements before initializing new hardware. There are some sample configurations for interconnect connections, stack connections, Image Streamer connections and management:

  1. Cabling interconnect modules in a single frame with redundancy
  2. Cabling master and satellite interconnect modules in multiple frames (non-redundant)
  3. Cabling master and satellite interconnect modules in multiple frames (with redundancy)
  4. Cabling a single-frame management ring
  5. Cabling a multiframe management ring
  6. Cabling a single-frame management ring with HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  7. Cabling a three-frame management ring with HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  8. Cabling a four- or five-frame management ring with HPE Synergy Image Streamer

Where is the Reference?

HPE has published some references as PDF document and also there is HTML guide to find some samples as best practices:



Before put order to buy HPE Synergy, read the below document very carefully and design composable infrastructure especially cabling part. Understanding connections is key to best infrastructure design.

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