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How do I export a database query of the PCoIP Management Console?

I was searching about export PCoIP MC database to a format such as CSV. I found my answer in Teradici’s knowledge base and I want to share it with you:

You will first have to upload the management console database query to the management console. The query.sql file can be obtained by submitting a request to Teradici – techsupport.teradici.com

Follow the steps below….

  1. Get the MC administrator (root) password (see MC User Guide section 3.6).
  2. Use WinSCP to copy the attached query.sql into the teradici  user’s home directory on the MC.
  3. SSH into the MC.
  4. At the console, cd to where query.sql is (the default directory is /home/teradici, please use this directory).
  5. Run sudo -u postgres psql -f query.sql cms_core_db > report.csv
  6. Use WinSCP to copy the resulting report.csv off the MC
  7. Open report.csv in Excel.


This query will return the following information only:

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