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VMware Horizon 7

I couldn’t read new blog posts about VMware Horizon 7 till now because I was busying by some personal projects but I could read some blog posts about that today. I suggest that read the below bog post from “Vladan Seget”, he wrote the post about Horizon 7 new features...


Linked-Clone Virtual Machine Without VMware Horizon View

You may know, we have two types of VM, Full-Clone and Linked-Clone. Now, you have two questions, what are Full-Clone and Linked-Clone? Full-Clone: The Full Clone — A full clone is an independent copy of a virtual machine that shares nothing with the parent virtual machine after the cloning operation....


Windows XP/7 Optimization – Presentation

I want to introduce an old presentation that published by Teradici at 2010 but you don’t think that it has old information, you can see it and learn about Windows 7 optimization in VDI environment. Of curse, there is many optimization tools and documents such as VMware OS Optimization Tool...


PCoIP Configurations – Client Side

I have made a registry file based on PCoIP recommendation for apply on all virtual desktops in our company 2 years ago. The settings covers image quality, bandwidth, analog sound channel and USB permission. You can apply the below configuration on your template ad there is no need to apply...


VMXNET3 – Microsoft Hotfix

Deploying Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 templates with vmxnet3 renames the NIC as #2 The above subject is VMware KB 1020078 and I think, you should apply this hotfixes on your templates when you have Windows 7 and Windows 2008. You can download the hotfixes from these links: For Windows...


VMware View Agent Disabled

When you have cloned a virtual machine from another and customization is failed or machine ID is not changed during customization, both virtual machines trying to communicate with connection server and you face with “Agent Disabled” status on View manager portal because View server ignores conflict messages. You need to remove...


Add existing virtual desktops to “Automated Pool” in VMware View manually

VMware View offers two basic pools for create and manage virtual desktops, “Automated Pool” and “Manual Pool”. Each of them has own benefits. “Automated Pool” has better management features and “Manual Pool” has more flexibility. You can create virtual machines within a “Automated Pool” and the virtual machines will be...

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