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Be Careful, DELL EMC Unity XT Will Reboot After 275 Days

DELL EMC Unity XT Unexpected Reboot

DELL EMC Unity XT Unexpected Reboot

I’ve read a strange news today about Dell EMC Unity XT. Seems there is a bug on some older OE and storage processors will be rebooted after 275-300 days.

What’s The Problem

What’s the problem? I don’t know but you can read the below KB if you have support and access to knowdgle base articles:


Quickest Way to Fix

There is quick fix for preventing unexpected reboot.

If your Unity XT storage arrays are running any OE older than Unity OS then you should upgrade OE.

If you don’t upgrade your Unity OS till now, please resign and allow other experts to hire for your position otherwise the instruction is so simple.

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External Links

Dell EMC Unity XT Unexpected SP Reboot After 275-300 Days: KB200921

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