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Ansible is one of most popular IT automation systems but if you want to have User Interface for Ansible, you have few options. Red Hat offers Ansible Tower as an enterprise edition of Ansible which includes an UI. Ansible Tower (AWX Project) is available as community edition but some version may be released with minimum of tests. There is another Open-Source project that you can use it, Ansible Semaphore.

What’s Ansible Semaphore?

Ansible Semaphore is an open-source project to providing UI for Ansible. If your project has grown and deploying from the terminal is no longer for you then Ansible Semaphore is what you need.

Ansible Semaphore is beautiful web interface for running Ansible playbooks. You do not need to change your playbooks to start using it.

Ansible Semaphore
Ansible Semaphore

Ansible Semaphore Demo

Demo is available in the below link:

Ansible Semaphore Demo

Login / password: demo / demo.

Ansible Semaphore Installation

You can follow installation instructions at the below link:

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