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Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0 – Review

What’s Vembu BDR Suite?

Today, data protection and service protection are two important concepts in IT environments. Any company needs tools to protect its data and its business. Also in addition of data protection, companies need to tools to keep their services up always with near zero down time or zero down time. Vembu BDR Suite provides complete, hassle-free, universal Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for all physical and virtual environments. It features host level backups of VMware and Hyper-V. Vembu BDR Suite also allows granular recovery of files, folders and applications.

Vembu BDR Suite – Editions

Vembu offers two editions of Vembu BDR Suite:

  1. Paid Edition
  2. Free Edition

Free Forever!

The Free Edition of Vembu BDR suite of products contains the mandate features which ensures data protection for both the physical and virtual data center environments. If the organisation is not having any specific backup policy requirement for business continuity and data management environment features like, near continuous data protection with CBT (changed block tracking) incremental backup, VM replication with automated Failover and Failback process, stand-by virtual DR (Quick VM recovery) and Offsite DR, then they can opt for the free edition of Vembu BDR Suite.

Vembu Free Edition
It doesn’t matter that you want to install and use Vembu BDR Suite as paid edition or free edition. There is single installer and if you want to use advanced features, you can buy and install license otherwise you can use free edition after evaluation period.

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