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Oracle VM Server – Log Files

Why You Need Log Files? Log files are keys to resolving problems in any IT system, why?! You are unable to troubleshooting without having log files. Any enterprise system must have logging system and logging is very important to IT administrators. Log location is very important for IT administrators even...


Backup Solutions – Oracle VM

You will need to a backup solution in virtual environments same as physical environments. There is many backup solutions for VMware vSphere, Nakivo or Veeam are third-party solutions. Also Veeam is best third-party solution Hyper-V platform. But if you are implementing Oracle VM, you need to know, what is best...


Oracle VM – Virtualization Modes or Domain Types – Part 1

Introduction Oracle VM introduced two main modes or domain types: Paravirtualized (PVM):A virtual machine with a kernel that is recompiled to be made aware of the virtual environment. Runs at near native speed, with memory, disk and network access optimized for maximum performance.Paravirtualized guests use generic, idealized device drivers, which...

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Oracle VM Server – Configuration Limits for Release 3.4

Today, virtualization is under development by many companies and big companies trying to have their virtualization solution. Oracle VM is Oracle virtualization platform that it’s based on Xen hypervisor. You may know that any hypervisor has some limitations and configuration maximums and you should consider the limitation when you are...

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