What’s New in HPE OneView 5.0

Seems, OneView 5.0 is available for download but I didn’t find any document about new features. OneView 5.0 is a major version and should includes new features and important improvements. I found some information on HPE community.

New Features in OneView 5.0

Before review the new features, please consider that these information are not official, so information may be different in release notes.

Firmware Compliance Dashboard

HPE OneView 5.0 introduces an innovative concept for managing firmware compliance at scale for all HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, HPE BladeSystems and HPE Synergy. When a new firmware baseline (Service Pack for ProLiant) is loaded, HPE OneView generates a new firmware compliance view on the HPE OneView dashboard. HPE OneView will compare the installed firmware versions of the managed hardware with the new component versions in the added SPP and will generate this compliance report. The firmware compliance dashboard is an interactive experience that enables the users to quickly determine what firmware is out of compliance and manage the firmware updates based on their schedules.

Automated SAN Storage Volume Provisioning for DL and Apollo Servers

This new feature provides a simple way to automate SAN volume provisioning in HPE OneView via server profiles and templates. Instead of taking hours to manually provision storage for DL and Apollo servers, HPE OneView automation allows IT administrators to complete the task in minutes with just a few clicks.

New HPE OneView Features for HPE Synergy

With HPE OneView 5.0, improved performance, enhanced security and new management features can be achieved through new features that improve the overall HPE Synergy experience. Here are some key examples:

  • Secure boot where system firmware is not compromised during upgrades
  • Remote access via iLO that allows updates
  • Troubleshooting and restore from a remote client
  • IPv6 support, giving HPE Synergy customers at telco companies and service providers the ability to expand network address space they need
  • Streamlined network deployment across HPE OneView resources in a single step using automated VLAN provisioning.

Usability Enhancements and new Platform Support

HPE OneView 5.0 offers an updated user interface, providing a common look and feel across HPE management tools like HPE OneView Global Dashboard.  It also adds support for the HPE Superdome Flex.

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