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VMware Tools Client – Interact with a VM without Network Connectivity

VMware Tools Client

VMware Tools Client is a beta tools to interact with VMs without network connectivity. May know, there is some vSphere API that developers can write some codes and developing their tools for vSphere environments.

VMware Tools Client written by Pierre Lainé is a useful tool to managing virtual machines via vSphere Guest API and VMware Tools.

The tool developed by Java, so JRE or JDK should installed on manage machine. As Java is cross-platform run-time, so VMware Tools Client will run on any machine, Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.

VMware Tools Client allows administrators to:

VMware Tools Client be able to connect to vCenter and load vCenter inventory, so administrators can select and manage any virtual machine.

PowerCLI also provides commands such as Invoke-VMScript to run script or batch via VMware Tools on virtual machines but VMware Tools Client is more featured.

It’s beta version yet but available on this link for public download:

Download Link


VMware Tools Client - Main Window

VMware Tools Client - VM Window

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