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VMware Renewing vCenter Converter

VMware vCenter Converter

VMware vCenter Converter

During past month, VMware removed VMware vCenter Converter download links and the product will be available when new version is released.

Why and What Should We Do?

VMware is going to renew VMware vCenter Converter and it seems that there are some problems on the current version that the below reasons are possible:

If you didn’t detect any problem on the current version, you can use it till the new release.

VMware mentioned that:

Work on a renewed version of vCenter Converter is already in progress. Although we cannot commit to any specific timelines for its release, the updated tool will meet our high standards for security and stability, providing enhanced functionality and supporting the latest technologies available in vSphere virtual machines.

After new version release, you should download new version and update VMware vCenter Converter also it might be fresh installation. Because VMware vCenter Converter is a tools and virtual infrastructure is not depend to it, so there is no problem if you have to do fresh installation.

I guess, the new release will be different with current and previous releases totally.

We have to wait for new release and find out the real reason of this decision.

vCenter Converter Unavailable for Download

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