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VMware Horizon View Connection (Session) Duration Report

VMware Horizon Connection (Session) Duration

VMware Horizon Connection (Session) Duration

VMware Horizon View provides solutions for remote working and access to business from anywhere. Users be able to use virtual desktop or applications via secure and fast display protocols such as PCoIP or VMware Blast. VMware did support monitoring VMware Horizon View via vRealize Operations (vROps) for Horizon but recent versions are not supported. You have to use third-party software or services such as ControlUp or develop your solutions.

I had to choose second choice and developed the solution by PowerShell, also you can use it with considering some conditions.

What Are Conditions?

If you want to use this PowerShell script, you must aware that:

What’s Data Source?

The data source is VMware Horizon View event database, so you should have it and configure it on Connection servers.

The Script

Change the below values with something that you want or you have:

How To Run?

You can run the script on database server locally but if you want to run from remote computer, you should do some changes on script.

My favorite: SQL Server Agent Job (You should make sure about permission on target folder)

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