Vembu BDR Suite v4.0

Vembu BDR Suite is one of most popular backup and replication software for virtual and physical environments. If you have read my previous post about Vembu products, you may know that Vembu BDR Suite supporting both VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments and physical environment as well as. Vembu BDR Suite 4.0 is now out for production setups with many new features, functionalities and performance enhancements.

Vembu BDR Suite v4.0

What’s new in Vembu BDR Suite v4.0?

Let’s review all new features in the new release of Vembu BDR Suite.

Hyper-V Failover Cluster Support

Support for backup and recovery of VMs running on Hyper-V Cluster setups. The scheduled backups will not be interrupted even when the VMs move from one node to another for High Availability.

Checksum Based Incremental Tracking

The modifications made on the VMs running on Hyper-V servers are by default tracked using CBT technology. When CBT fails, the checksum-based incremental tracking is leveraged ensuring seamless backups.

Shared VHDX Support

Support for backing up shared VHDX of Hyper-V

New Credentials Manager

Credentials of the VM hosts, guest VMs and physical computers can now be managed using the Credentials Manager, avoiding the need to enter the credentials every time.

Enhancements in Vembu BDR Suite v4.0?

Vembu BDR Suite 4.0 including some enhancements:

Handling new disk addition

Any newly added disk to a VM on VMware/Hyper-V was backed up only on the next full backup. From v4.0, the new disk additions are designed to be detected and considered for back up on the next incremental schedule.

Reconnection for VMware & Hyper-V backups

If a VMware or Hyper-V VM backup job gets interrupted due to network failure, reconnection attempts will be made to continue the data transfer.

Abort Replication in Vembu OffsiteDR Server

Abort active replication jobs from within the Vembu OffsiteDR server console to terminate an ongoing replication from Vembu onsite to offsite server.

Activate/Deactivate from Vembu OffsiteDR Server

You can activate or deactivate Vembu BDR Servers from Vembu OffsiteDR if you wish to stop the backup replication to the DR site.

Live Recovery to VMware and Hyper-V

Live Recovery to VMware and Hyper-V servers is now enhanced, where you can configure the virtual hardware specification of the target host like socket and core counts, memory, hard disk provision type, and network adapter while performing permanent recovery.

Enhanced Application-aware processing for Hyper-V & VMware VMs

By default, application-aware processing is enabled for highly transactional applications like Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint running inside VMs on Hyper-V server. v4.0 provides log truncation and application-aware processing with inbuilt parity check, and you have the option to select VMs that need them.

Quick VM recovery Report

This report will give you an insight into Quick VM recovery job details like the RTO, start time & end time, the name of the VM that was triggered for recovery, the target server etc., covering the job’s status.

Storage Utilization Report

With the new set of APIs, you can generate report on storage utilization with details like the size of VM before the backup schedule, the actual size of the backup data in the storage repository, compression , storage reduction rate, etc.,

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