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Vembu BDR 4.0 Server Installation

Vembu BDR Server is available as Windows setup file for download and also you can get it for Linux or as virtual appliance to deploying as virtual machine. But you have to ask the sell department to deliver it to you. Linux and virtual appliances are not available as public. This guide might be applicable for next versions and previous versions.


There is some prerequisites and recommendations for Vembu BDR Server installation.

Download Installation File

As I mentioned before, Vembu BDR Server installation file is available for Windows and Linux, also Vembu BDR Server is available as virtual appliance for both vSphere and Hyper-V. In this guide, we’ll review installation on Windows. The installation files are available at the below link:

Download Vembu Products

Minimum Hardware Requirements

In order to install Vembu BDR Server, you need to at least a server with the below hardware specification:

For an in-depth system requirements for all the products in Vembu BDR Suite, click here.

Installation Vembu BDR Server on Windows

I think, you must choose virtual machine to install Vembu BDR Server but you can also install it on a physical machine. Virtual machine is more flexible than physical machine, if you want to use it as a management server, also modern physical machines have more computing capacity than management servers needed.

Run The Executable File

The installation file has been published as an executable file. Just run the file after download. This is first step of all installation on Windows!

At first station, you will see “Welcome Window”, click on “Next”.

Vembu BDR Installation – Welcome Window

Then, installer will show “License Agreement”. If you accept that, so checked the box and click “Next”.

Vembu BDR Installation – License Agreement

Do You Have Enough Free Space?

You can install Vembu BDR Server on the default installation folder or select another folder which has more than 1.2 GB free space.

Vembu BDR Installation – Installation Folder

Customizing Configurations

During installation, there is two options:

Configurations are including service account, service ports, database configuration and web-console identification.

Vembu BDR Installation – Default Configurations

The services can be run under system account or local or domain user accounts.

Vembu BDR Installation – Service User

Internal Database Location

Vembu BDR has internal database that using PostgreSQL. Database file location can be relocated during installation. So if you want to keep separate database with other files, you can do that.

Vembu BDR Installation – Database Location

Web Console Configurations

All the configurations can be customizable, you can change administrator user, password, web console ports and service ports at this state.

Vembu BDR Installation – Web Console Configurations
Vembu BDR Installation – Ports

There is no other configuration. So just click on the “Next” buttons and wait to installation complete. At the end of installation, Vembu BDR will start automatically and web console will be opened.

At future posts, I’ll review Vembu BDR web console.

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